Getting to Know the Types of Social Media

In order to continue to survive and be able to compete in the midst of business competition that is so tight in the modern era like now, you as a business actor must participate in doing social media marketing which is a marketing trend today. In order for digital marketing to run optimally, first identify the following types of social media.
Understanding the Types of Social Media Available

1. Social Network
Social network or social networking service is a type of service that focuses on building networks among its users. So that they can share information with each other, share messages, photos, and videos. Examples of types of social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
You can use social networks as content channels for digital marketing platforms. Later the content channel will contain various information from your business brand. Starting from promotional offers, information related to events, opening discussion topics with users on the channel, as well as educational content.

2. Media Sharing Networks
You can do social media marketing on social media with the type of sharing networks. Usually people use this type of platform to find and share photos, videos, and live videos. Examples of platforms with the type of media sharing networks are Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.
Because this type of social media focuses more on visual content, then those of you who run a business with certain products that are also visually focused are highly recommended to use this platform as a marketing tool. Where you can create various kinds of campaigns through this media, which is focused on sharing images and videos.

3. Discussion Networks
Discussion networks are a type of social media whose focus is on discussions about information, news, to someone’s opinion. Although not suitable for promotion, social media like this is good for doing market research. Where you can read reviews about brands owned in a forum. Examples of discussion networks are Quora and KasKus.

4.Social Blogging Network
If you are a businessman who likes to do promotions by telling stories and writing, then a platform with the type of social blogging is the right place as a place for social media marketing. Where this type of social media will help your business to be found easily on search engine pages like Google. An example of a social blogging network is WordPress.

5.Collaboration Services
This type of social media provides an opportunity for its users to collaborate in loading, editing, and correcting content. So that marketers can later build connections with contributors to present the right data and information related to the brand. An example of a collaboration service is Wikipedia.

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Those are some types of social media that exist, not all of which are suitable as a place to do digital marketing. However, you can use each of them for different purposes for your business. So that everything runs optimally, you should use the help of professional digital marketing services such as WEBARQ digital marketing jakarta

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